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Nike May Cut Workers To Dodge Sweatshop Criticism

30 Jun

Nike May Cut Workers To Dodge Sweatshop Criticism –


Stop soda habit

28 Jun

5 ways to drop your soda habit

Tainted Herbs

28 Jun

Greenpeace: Tainted Chinese herbs ‘not safe’

10 Herbs for Weight Loss

28 Jun


Herbs can be beneficial to weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. They are used as appetite suppressants, to increase metabolism and have also been known to reduce fat tissue. 

Ginseng- Known for its energy boosting properties, it can actually help increase metabolism and helps combat fatigue.

Green Tea- Helps with digestion, boosts metabolism and helps reduce fat.

Cinnamon- Has the ability to balance blood sugar levels. It can also keep cholesterol in check.

Cayenne Pepper- Decreases calorie intake, helps the body to rid fat naturally.

Ginger- Ginger helps with weight loss by cleansing the digestive system. Removing waste and toxins from the digestive tract will help prevent further weight gain.

Dandelion- Packed full of fiber, beta carotene, vitamin K and many more minerals. They are liver cleansing, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. They slow digestion and can make you feel full for longer.

Black Pepper- Blocks the formation of fat cells. When combined with cayenne pepper can burn calories equivalent to taking a long walk.

Turmeric- One of the superfoods, it has been shown to stop the production of fat cells.

Cumin- Great for digestion. Has energizing properties and can help improve type 2 diabetes.

Cardamom- Can help burn fat and boost metabolism.

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Bodybuilding Supplements Statistics..surprising stuff

27 Jun

Contribution of nitric oxide in the contraction-induced rapid vasodilation in young and older adults

27 Jun

How Brands Can Choose The Right Social Media Platforms For Their Goals [Infographic]

27 Jun

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