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4 Exercises That Waste Your Time

31 May

Some exercises are obviously better than others. But some actually waste your time. You might be surprised. 1. Tricep Kick-Backs I’ve never understood how this exercise became so popular. In theory, it


Egg Yolks: To Eat or Toss?

30 May

Many people feel good about their breakfast choice after scrambling up an egg white omelet. Below I explore common myths and facts about egg yolks — many of which you may be surprised to learn. Myth: You should be eating a maximum of three eggs per week.

Crossfit Instructor pleads guilty to steroid distribution, becomes Government Informant

29 May

Steroids, Crossfit, and The Crossfit Games: Who & How | Romano & Roberts

29 May

Water or Diet Soda – What’s the Better Diet Beverage? Study Confirms Fake Sweetness Promotes Weight & Waist Loss, Decreases Hunger, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Trigs

29 May

This Hormone Can Help Men To Lose Weight

29 May

This Hormone Can Help Men To Lose Weight –

9 Foods You Should Never Attempt to Eat

29 May

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